A Drawing Out :: Lactic Orchestration
Angela Beallor and Michelle Temple
with Vicki Kereszi, Chanda Lindsay, & Heather Marsh
Video projection - Angela Beallor and Elizabeth Press (EP)

Live performance featuring six stereo pairs of amplified breast pumps, one contact mic, one amplified phantom pump, audio track, live mixing, and digital projection. 

This performance centers on an amplification of the pumps’ machinations. The rhythmic sound of the extractive forces as well as the erratic sound of body and milk. Pumping is a task, a chore, a necessity. That which extracts and collects milk. That which tethers pumper to machine. Tethers feeder to eater. That which nourishes a baby.

Documentation of November 30, 2018 performance:
Projection by Elizabeth Press (EP) & Angela Beallor:

Booklet about the piece:

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