Sofia Queer Forum Catalogue available for download

In 2017, my video work I Want a Baby!, ReVisited (lecture) was awarded First Prize in the Sofia Queer Forum International Video Contest. The catalogue has just been released and is available for download here!

A NIP OF XTALS & SHROOMS :: sounds of living transducers

Nathalie Dubois Calero and Michelle Temple

This installation investigates the relationship between audio signals both audible and inaudible to humans as they are transduced through the concurrent growth of bacteria and Potassium Sodium Tartrate (the crystal utlized in audio equipment such as crystal radios/microphones/turntables). Sound and its physiological effect on materials could possibly illuminate areas of sensitivity between living and non-living systems. 

Performance @ 7PM
Angela Beallor and Michelle Temple with Vicki Kereszi, Heather Marsh, and Chanda Lindsay

This performance centers on an amplification of the pumps’ machinations. The rhythmic sound of the extractive forces as well as the erratic sound of body and milk. Pumping is a task, a chore, a necessity. That which extracts and collects milk. That which tethers pumper to machine. Tethers feeder to eater. That which nourishes a baby.

Sponsored by the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Special thanks to Kathy High

Please People Please: RPI Graduate Arts Exhibition Opens at Collar Works, Troy, NY

Please join us for the exhibition opening on Sunday May 6th, 2018.
Graduate students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Department of the Arts will present their annual exhibition-- entitled PLEASE. PEOPLE. PLEASE. --at Collar Works, in downtown Troy, NY.

The opening will take place from 1-5 pm; the exhibition will be on view through May 12. This group show promises audiences an eclectic array of projects that reflect current trends in contemporary art, and will feature works ranging from performance to installation. 

Performances will take place from 2-5 pm, schedule below:
2 pm: Jeremy Stewart
2:30: Ezra Teboul
3 pm: Diana Alvarez
3:30: Eric Miller and Patrick Quinn
4 pm: Javier Molina

Come hungry because FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED!
Catering from Shalimar in Troy!
We hope to see you there!

I Want a Baby! (Lecture) Wins First Prize in International Video Competition, Sofia Queer Forum

My video I Want a Baby!, REVisited (Lecture) has been chosen for First Place of Sofia Queer Forum's international video competition RED LOVE! This and the other selected works were screened in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 1, 2017 and will be screened later in October at Æther, Sofia, Bulgaria. The jury consisted of the following members: Slavcho Dimitrov (Macedonia), Oleg Mavromatti (Russia/Bulgaria/USA), Andrey Parshikov (Russia), Daniela Radeva (Bulgaria), and Kathy Rae Huffman (USA). 

September 1, 2017: Screening at Creative Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
October 20 – November 3, 2017: Screening at AEther, Sofia, Bulgaria

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